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I am constantly finding new things to make, especially for shipping! if your interested in anything or have any ideas please feel free to share and/or ask! I am always open to new ideas! Thank you so much!!!


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Hello everyone!! :)


I have changed my cake pop prices. They are now more... BUT this is why...


My cake pops are MUCH LARGER than most pops you have probably had; They are Especially LARGER than starbucks pops. The cake is 2 inches in diameter NOT including the chocolate coating and decor on the outside.



You can easily get THREE full bites out of them!!



They are also HAND rolled and mixed with the perfect ratio of baked cake to frosting. They are NOT a baked ball of cake.


I GARANTEE a moist pop every time and its taste is as my customers have described... "Absolutely phenomenal. Best I’ve ever had. YUM" !


EVERY part of the pop (not the stick) IS edible!


Cow: M&M-Nose, Chocolate chip-ears, Chocolate eyes and spots, mouth edible pen.

Mini mouse- Bow is heart candies and large "sixlettes" the ears are mini oreos and the rest is chocolate and fondant.



My pops take 10-15 minutes EACH to stick, dip, sprinkle, bag and is not a fast process it takes patience. If you order 6, that is 1 hour!



I ask you to please take all this into consideration when looking at my price. I am not trying to rip my customers off... I want my customers to understand the care and time I put into each and every order to ensure you get your money’s worth and you are overly pleased with your order.


Thank you very much!!!



Some Options to save money but also get those design cake pops I suggest ordering half sprinkle and half design cake pops.



RESTRICTIONS: Minimum order of 6 per design, flavor and colors. MAX order of 2 dozen PER special design. (with the exception of wedding favors)


6 mini mouse and 6 pink and black mix sprinkles. OK
6 mini mouse, 6 "DIPPED" (fully covered in sprinkles) black sprinkle, 6 white chocolate with pink sprinkle on top. OK
3 Red sprinkles,3 white sprinkles, 3 blue sprinkles. NOT OK -you have to order at least 6 of each color and flavor.
1 dozen sprinkles and 3 dozen special design. NOT OK - you can only order 6-24 special design pops.



FLAVORS! i can do any flavors your creative mind can come up with. see my home page for flavor ideas. I will be happy to help with creative flavor ideas with you per discussions. ( alcohol and nut flavors may cost extra)



Cake Pop Prices:

Regular simple design cake pops (sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, etc) $3 EACH. This price includes wrapping and a bow.


Special design cake pops START at $3.75 each and can go up from there depending on the design and its components and difficulty.


Example: mini mouse face $5.50 each, cow $5, plane $4.50 each




My favorite cake ive made :)

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Holiday Boxes 2013

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NieceysSweets holiday tasty treat boxes NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Cake pop

Assorted fudge

Pumpkin gingerbread loaf

2 decorated sugar cookies

Caramel apple with brown sugar streusel

Pecan spice brittle

Peppermint Buttercrunch

$35 +shipping (2-5 day delivery)



Pumpkin Gingerbread

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My pumpkin gingerbread samples were such a hit Saturday I'm thinking about doing loafs for the holidays along with my JD Pecan pie... Yes?????

Potomac Point Winery Harvest Festival

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I would like to thank everyone who came to the festival and supported me and purchased my tasty treats! I'm am so grateful and I hope you enjoyed everything! Again thank you all so very much!!!! And I hope to hear from you again one day. Today was a surprising success! THANKS TO YOU!  :)