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Prices on the cake flavors page are rough estimates... prices may vary depending on preferences.

What are the General Price for my Cakes?

My buttercream cake designs usually cost from $5-$7 per slice, and my fondant cake designs usually cost from about $6.5-$10 per slice. The final price for any cake will vary based on the complexity of the design. 

To receive a price quote for a particular cake design, please send me a picture and description of your desired cake, along with information about the number of guests you would like to serve. If you haven’t chosen a design, but have a specific budget in mind, ill be more then happy to work with you to find something that will work.

I can also make faux cakes for display and have cupcakes or sheet cakes for serving. 

What is the Price for Sheet Cakes?

I can make decorated and non-decorated sheet cakes for $3 or more per slice. My sheet cakes are about 4″ in height with three layers of cake and two layers of filling. 

What is the Price for Other Desserts?

In addition to cakes, I sell a variety of desserts and pastries. The price for each of these items is as follows:

  • Cake Pops – $3 + / each (see Blog for more information on home page)
  • Mini cupcakes - $10 per dozen
  • Standard Cupcakes – $2+ / each
  • Decorated Cookies – $4+ / each
  • Regular cookies - $2 / each

As with cakes, the actual price for each dessert could vary depending on complexity, but usually fall within these ranges. For cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops, there is a minimum order of one dozen (12).

What is the Cost of Delivery?

The delivery fee is $20- $30 to any location within 30 miles of Alexandria depending on size of cake. For distances beyond 30 miles, there is an additional fee of $2 per mile for the extra miles. 

For complex cakes which require setup at location, there may be an additional setup fee.

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Other flavors available, see brochure below.

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